he sunk deeper into the driver’s seat of his Audi A2, 


the driver’s seat of his Audi A2 

the seat dented by the outline of his large shape with a grease triangle forming between his legs


a grease triangle forming 

the grease, a mixture of egg yolk and oil from the baps he's eaten in the seat


his Audi A2 

his Audi A2 is silver, the cars are known to be compact MPVs (multi purpose vehicles), practical 




he felt secure when he thought of himself and the car as one, 

together they could easily pass the horse 


together they could easily pass the horse

the horse, a thoroughbred, passed most days on his commute to work. 


the horse, a thoroughbred,




the cream leather of the seat began to soften, 

the surface of his skin tightened around his thighs pushing his leg hairs into the nylon trousers


pushing his leg hairs into the nylon

the hairs on his thighs caught on the nylon of the tightly fitting trousers, turning each hair in circles causing small raised areas to appear below his dark thick hair


 tightly fitting trousers,

Drivers seat (skin merge) **Please use headphones if available

Audio work made for Yellowfields #2 PRODUCTION PRODUCTION publication launched at East Side Projects Oct 2020

above ^ excerpt from experimental working text for yellowfields publication more info here>>>


Well schooled Reliable


Handsome heavy weight Stunning ride and drive


Bred to jump Super fun & Safe

Beautiful head turner potential all rounder safe, sane, sensible and absolutely stunning Well mannered




very good condition two owners just been valeted Excellent versatile


Interior is in good condition with no rips or // tears


for someone whose looking for a run around - cheap will go fast

Runs very smooth


very cheap maintenance really well maintained


no mechanical faults at all


last two owners female



don’t expect showroom condition, an absolute all rounder


Body work isn’t the best

APPLE Good to hack. 
Lovely all -rounder.
Called john

Members show selected by Jessica Warboys @ OUTPOST Gallery


Untitled panel (drivers side) 2019

Untitled panel (passengers side) 2019

Photographs taken by Alec Game

not on a friday